Developing For A New Interactive World Since 2010

Who We Are

New I World Inc. is a software development and web design firm that creates products for the business world. We specialize in technology ventures such as database systems, sales software, company branding, website development, e-commerce and mobile applications.

We coordinate with the business and manufacturing industries to create user friendly and efficient software programs. These programs cut down on paper waste and streamline the business process while being environmentally friendly.

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How We Do It

We take great pride in creating Applications that speed up the sales process and reduce or eliminate data entry.

Check out our new Fashion Market Optimizer database system and e-commerce platform that will interface with any smart-phone, tablet, or computer.

In addition to Application Development we also offer full Marketing and Graphic Design Services.

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We Approach Every Project in a Unique and Specialized Way

We build reliable and effective solutions for your business

What Our Team Can Do For You

New I World offers fully customizable solutions for your company's web-based or mobile needs. From advanced web design and app development to effective online marketing, New I World is the perfect solution for your needs. Let New I World be your one-stop shop for all your website services so you don't have to go from place to place to compile a comprehensive web solution for your company.

At New I World, we pride ourselves on taking a custom approach with each of our clients. We are trained to supply our clients with a one on one approach to ensure that your company gets exactly the solution you are looking for. Whether you need help with a simple issue or want an advanced website, App, or Software solution for your business, we'll strategize with you to develop the best approach for your company's needs. Completely creative web services designed specifically for you is our main goal.

We believe that building and structuring these new Business Applications will revolutionize small and large companies as well as the global manufacturing and shipping industries. We are committed to providing the world with products that cut cost, save resources, and improve time management.

What Our Team Is Good At

Custom Website Design and Development

In today's competitive business world it is imperative that your website effectively represents your business visually but also is easy to navigate and drives visitors to take action. An effective website is the most cost-effective and efficient means to gain market exposure providing value and can be a driving force for your company's growth. With a custom web design your website is fully expandable to grow with your company's growing needs. New I World works with you to create a custom website that represents your company's image and fits your specific needs.

Custom eCommerce Website Design

Whether you're starting a new eCommerce website, or looking for an eCommerce redesign, New I World will provide your company the best professional eCommerce web design solutions at an affordable price. From selling a product or subscription, to taking payments for a service, our elite team can develop the custom eCommerce website perfect for your business. There is no limit to what your eCommerce site can achieve when providing your products or services online. New I World has also developed its own eCommerce platform built in Ruby On Rails for the business who is looking for an easy to use and implement solution.

Update Existing Website

Are you looking for help redesigning your website? Do you want to upgrade your website because the old website design is outdated and does not work properly in modern web browsers? Maybe you need to add more features to get competitive edge over "the other guys", or you may need a better content management system (CMS) to manage and update your website contents easily from anywhere at anytime with no technical skills? We at New I World can help you redesign or upgrade your existing website without breaking the bank. We provide professional website design services and build websites with eye catching designs, easy navigation and cross browser compatibility using current web standards.

Online Marketing and SEO

You could have the most beautiful and easy to use website out there, but all is meaningless unless it is visible and easily accessible through search engines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Online Marketing is the process of increasing the online presence and Search Engine ranking of any Websites. Keeping Google in mind when designing your custom website is always a critical step in our process. Achieving better rankings begins with proper website optimization. You also need a solid link building strategy and carefully planned online marketing goals. New I World provides these services to help your company be seen by potential clients earlier than the competition.

Graphic Design

There is such a small window of opportunity to make an everlasting impression of your business to your customer. Achieving this goal is mainly in part by the graphics that are used, whether that be a logo, poster, banner, website, whatever the case may be. At New I World, we know the importance of visually communicating to your customer and the critical impression that it provides. We custom create graphic presentations that will undeniably accomplish your goals and clearly convey your ideas. Whether you need materials that use your company's existing style or you need to create a new identity, New I World can help. No matter the size or complexity of your project our graphic designs will work with you to design a solution that delivers results.

Software Design and Development

At New I World we provide complete software implementation process, starting with software design and development, software quality assurance testing, software deployment, up to further software upgrades and enhancements. Whether you are building a new business-critical enterprise application, upgrading a legacy software product, or starting up with a revolutionary idea, New I World will provide you with products that cut cost, save resources, and improve time management.

Application Design and Development

The mobile/wireless industry is going through an intensive progressive phase, opening doors for businesses to market products and services to customers on the go in a way you never thought of before. From custom application design to expert implementation, training, and support, our application design and development team can help you identify and integrate the right cutting-edge technologies. New I World uses the latest software development tools and the most current programming techniques and object architectures to provide working solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients.

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New I Worlds Current and Past Projects for the Modern World

Fashion Market Optimizer

New I World has created a software solution that optimizes and simplifies the distribution sales process. With the Fashion Market Optimizer software, NIW answers the call to the current error prone, labor intensive and often costly paper process of offsite sales. FMO organizes, automates and synchronizes the sales process all on an iPad which makes the entire sales process more efficient and profitable by collapsing the sales cycle.

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Snapp Coupon

SnappCoupon is a new way to save money at all your favorite local businesses. Download SnappCoupon on your mobile device (iPhone or Android) select your location and coupons for local businesses will be loaded right on your device. Just show your coupon at your local business and save money instantly. Coupons in a Snapp!

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Famous Quotes of the Day

If you are like us, than sometimes you need a spark from some motivational influence. Below is some quotes from some of the most famous (and not so famous) pioneers of our generation. Use them for motivation, inspiration, or just to get a good chuckle to get you through the day.

  • "How to test?" is a question that cannot be answered in general. "When to test?" however, does have a general answer: as early and as often as possible."

  • "Good design is all about making the other designers feel like idiots because that idea wasn't theirs."

  • "Profit in business comes from repeat customers, customers that boast about your project or service, and that brings friends with them."

  • "Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live."

  • "The difference between a Designer and Developer when it comes to design skills, is the difference between shooting a bullet and throwing it."

  • "Design is the fundamental soul of a human-made creation that ends up exressing itself in successive outer layer of the product or service."

  • "True innovation often comes from the small startup who is lean enough to launch a market but lacks the heft to own it."

  • "A typical software project can present more opportunities to learn from mistakes than some people get in a lifetime."

  • "A computer lets you make more mistakes faster than any other invention in human history, with the possible exception of handguns and tequila."

  • "The only true secure system is one that is powered off, cast in a block of concrete and sealed in a lead-lined room with armed guards."